Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Windows 7 is it just a con?

Great, yet another OS from Microsoft where we are all forced to buy machines that are buggy until we point the bugs out ourself. The OS shouldn't be released until Microsoft have found all the issues and corrected them - effectively waited till service pack 2 before even releasing, I don't buy a washing machine and expect it to be just-about-usable until 1 year and a half later.

I've been looking at the "new features" and one of Windows 7s' key selling points is that when you click the programs icon you can just type the program name and the start menu will display it... great... but this same feature is in Vista, so what is better?

WELL. As you can see, you get some new wallpapers! And if you can't understand computers it will spell everything out for you - despite more and more people from the older and next generations learning how to use computers all the time!

Forward thinking please Microsoft! Lets see if Google can do better...

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