Monday, July 27, 2009

IE7 Vs IE8... Compatibility View

Well it's clear that I'm not a fan of Microsoft products but I do think think that they could do some amazing work if they just changed their approach – I just feel that they re-invent the wheel by forcing us to use square ones, they then slowly shave the corners until we have a round one again, by which time we have forgotten that we had round wheels 3 years previous.

I have just been asked to fix a margin or padding issue that only appears in IE8, however with 'Compatibility View' set to 'On' the issue is resolved. There should be no incompatibilities between their own products unless they are going to follow the increasingly accepted standards. Then why not fix the older browsers using the update service and be done with the incompatibilities.

With IE6's Product Lifecycle about to expire and HTML5 on the horizon I personally felt that the web was about to get even bigger, almost a true start the web 2.0 ethos. But there is always something that isn't cross browser, or needs tweaking which just slows down development.

Would it not be better to gather up all the good bits and best practices, then build browser around one set of rules. The browser war can then just be down to the user experience, available extensions and scope for development.

The world can be better if we worked together!

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